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AC: Art Post

Here are the pieces that I've completed for this story. There are actually a couple more that are still being worked on that I should finish in the next day or so. They proved a bit more challenging to complete than initially perceived. I had a ton of fun working on this story with all the dragons! As much trouble as some of this are giving me, I still really enjoyed all of it :D

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Project Progress

So...there has been progress on the project I've code named MELF. I've got a pretty decent composition figured out. I don't know that I appreciate the current style. I need to do some research and see if there is something the I can take inspiration from. It's a thing though, and things are good right?

I've also gained and ally in the completion of my fics. I now have a beta working with me. She and I work well together I think, and just sending her emails to explain my idea for the withdrawal fic has helped me so much in figuring out what I want to do with the story.

I'm off today and tomorrow so I hope to get a lot of work done on both of these...and maybe update my LJ icons...hmm...

OH! Also, working on cheesecake Merlin shot. So silly XD and then I was struck with a brills idea! just now!
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Elf!Merlin progress

So, my prompt for the Merlin Art Fest is as follows:

Characters/Pairing/Gen: Merlin or Merlin/Arthur
Time-period or theme: Fantasy with Elf!Merlin
Place: castle or possibly in a forest
Emotion: any
Sense: touch
Object: elf!ears + tattoos + elementals :nature/trees, earth, fire, water, ice, etc
Action: magic & command over the elements
Mood: any
Maximum rating: any

That was a bit of a no-brainer for me because there is little I love more than elemental things and magical things and elves! So yeah, way into it.

Did a bit of reference research for the image today, looking at tons of LOTR things, Thranduil in particular. Have decided that my scenario is going to have something to do with Merlin as an Elf Prince, and Arthur hunting in his woods. After a unicorn. Merlin captures him with magic before Arthur can do any harm, and Merlin is intrigued by Arthur's beauty. Hmm...maybe Arthur can be a half-elf in this scenario? Lord, somehow this is turning into fic xP

No sketches yet, but I'm planning to do research for the tat tmr, and maybe work on some accessories/clothing.
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Fic: About a Tree

Title: About a Tree
Author: finem
Word Count: 6K+
Rating: T
Warnings/Content: Mentions of Secondary Character death, banter, schmoop, Christmas tree, sad Merlin
Pairings: Merlin/Arthur
Characters: Arthur, Merlin, mentions of Morgana
Summary: It starts with a felled tree and a sprained ankle, but ends with both Arthur and Merlin getting everything they want for Christmas. Note: No Gingerbread men were harmed in the making of this fic.

This was for merlin_writers but I failed to finish it on time so...way late. Like WAY. Completed as a gift to my roomie pokemaster. It still happened though, so yay! Posting :) The whole thing to my journal I guess...

This is going to take some getting used to...Collapse )
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So Then I decided that this is a writing journal?

Yep. It's not like this is a surprise. LJ has been a place of fandom for me for...well, since I joined. It just so happened that all of my RL friends here were not into fandom and I was trying to put things up that they could relate to. But I don't really care anymore. I've never been good at updating things when they pertain to RL anyway.

SO! I'm gearing up for a push to being more actively creative again. That means fic and art. All of which I plan to post here for...shits and giggles? No. To hold myself accountable and document my creations. And if I happen to pick up a friend or follower or two, that would be neat. But I think the most important part is that I'm doing this for me, because I love it and I'm so lame about allowing my perceived expectations of others to dictate what I will or will not do. I mean, that's dumb.

That being said, I did finish my December story...a month and some change late. I can live with that I think. Working on a Merlin withdrawal fic, because I have this strange fascination with withdrawal symptoms, and I haven't found a fic yet that has met my needs. After that, or actually simultaneously because that's how I roll, I'll be starting work on the final installment of Emrys Rising, while also poking at the first two parts for editing.

It's also my intention to follow-up and finish some of my abandoned KH fics. I essentially have too many stories on my plate while also planning to participate in the Merlin Art Fest and sign up as an Artist for the new Merlin Big Bang...but what can I say? I'm at my best when I'm busy. So, to chart it up:

-Untitled Withdrawal Fic (finish this month)
-End of Emrys Rising (begin this month)
:Kingdom Hearts:
-Tar Monsters from Mars (finish for Halloween)
-Radically Inverted Morality
-By Proxy
-The Boy Who Broke the World

:Merlin Art Fest:
-Elf!Merlin XD
:After Camlaan:

Nice. Lots on my plate. I like it.


Curiouser and curiouser

reposted by finem
Okay, so, despite all my grumbling, I adore modding merlin_horror. But, it struck me: how awesome would it be to have a fest like it for all fandoms, including RPF and Original? I was looking around and didn't find any, so I'm thinking about making my own. It won't be running until next year (Signups in the summer, posting in October, of course), but I guess I just want to get an idea of interest before I get too involved in planning it? It would be a low-key fic and art fest, with 1k min and people able to submit their own ideas and whatnot. So if you could, please fill out the following form?

Poll #1942930 Horror Fesr

Please check all that you'd be interested in

Being a part of the mod team
Prompting brainstorming ideas
Submitting fic/art
Reader/Viewer of pieces
None of the above/not interested

I just realized I spelled it "Horror Fesr", lol. Oh well.

Also, if you wouldn't mind sharing it on your journal to see if anyone else is interested? This poll is open to everyone! Thank you!

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Vat is das?!

Surprise update to LJ app to support iPhone 5! W00t! It's lovely!

Also, suddenly pumped out like 4k words yesterday when I've barely managed anything all month. Finally on the path to progress? I sure hope so, especially since I'm in process of getting ready to move and that sort of thing can easily side-track progress in...well, anything.

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BB: progress is good!

Sooooo...I've been stalled for a while.  Not so much on the actual plot part of the story, but my characterizations.  I think I've settled on most of the big pieces, so things are going far more smoothly.  Have hit the 10K mark at least even though that was supposed to have happened before the month began, but...we'll see.  I'm hoping to make more progress in the coming weeks than I have been.  Work my way to the good stuff and all.  Should be fun!
oh sweet jesus

That awkward moment when... realize that the 6K+ words that you struggled to get written were a struggle because your brain was telling you subconsciously that there was still a lot of homework you needed to have done before you were really at a place where you should have begun writing.  Barely started and revising up the wazoo... orz
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